Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

At NBT, we believe impassioned and skilled leadership is what drives meaningful progress in our community, whether it is to set examples for our youth, build more accessible health programs, or improve the livability of our neighborhoods. We also believe that leadership is not a position in the community, like Mayor, Principal, or Executive, but is based on attitude, desire and the skills to make positive impact in people’s lives. Leadership can come from anywhere including elected officials, community and business leaders, but also from parents, teachers, volunteers, and even our children.
Jaymie Santiago
President / CEO


Our mission is to provide the training and support to all residents who are leaders, or aspire to be in leaders in the community, so he or she can make the largest possible impact in their area of focus and passion.

Key Goals

Specifically, we have developed leadership programs that strive to educate, empower and engage talented leaders to create systemic change around New Brunswick’s most challenging issues. Through these programs we:

  • Identify, develop, and support emerging community leaders.
  • Engage established leaders in addressing community issues.
  • Connect emerging and established leaders to act on key issues, primarily in alignment with our community‐impact objectives.
  • Incorporate the perspectives of community leaders in NBT’s work

Our programs include:

  • Leadership Tomorrow, which is focused on emerging leaders who have demonstrated the desire and potential to make an impact in the city.
  • Leadership Now, which follows Leadership Tomorrow and focuses on the design and execution of community impact projects or programs.
  • A Social Enterprise Incubator, which is under development. Its focus is to provide the support, training, and infrastructure that will help area entrepreneurs design and lead successful social enterprises that make a positive impact for the residents of the community and are self-sustaining.

Through NBT's Leadership Programs, participants work on a project that seeks to provide participants with concrete skills that aid them as they seek to affect change in their community.  The project is designed around outcomes-planning and managing efforts focused on change in New Brunswick. New Brunswick Ciclovia is a prime example of such work.

Our vision is that New Brunswick is a city where residents are committed to constantly advancing the quality of life for all. Leaders from all areas of the community regularly step up to provide the leadership that drives positive impact.