Empowering local residents to transform and revitalize their neighborhoods

Our neighborhoods, in many ways, define our opportunities. When we consider some of New Brunswick’s most chronic challenges – crime and safety, housing, education, and access to care services – opportunities expand or contract depending on how well we address those challenges in specific neighborhoods. NBT analyzes these realities and offers place-based strategies that empower residents and stakeholders to develop the tools they need to transform their neighborhoods.
Charles Bergman
Director, Neighborhood Strategies


NBT fosters connections with and among neighborhood residents and local business people, building a social infrastructure to identify concerns and effectively advance solutions that maximize neighborhood potential.

Key Goals

We focus on a set of strategies designed to:

  • Improve neighborhood conditions (including safety, cleanliness, housing quality and affordability, and more)
  • Strengthen local neighborhood economies and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Build neighborhood assets and social capital, and
  • Provide support services to both children and families.

To achieve these goals, the importance of ground-up community engagement cannot be over-estimated. To catalyze and sustain community change efforts, it is important to have both active involvement and a desire to change within the community. This creates ownership of the neighborhood and its challenges, while also helping to ensure that the momentum generated is relevant and sustainable. Thus, NBT's work in Neighborhoods is not a single program, but a broad strategy, a way to engage and support our community in long-term, resident-driven neighborhood revitalization.

Esperanza Neighborhood

Developing Community Leaders

Family Leadership Academy

Building Strong Families


Creating Access to Home Ownership & Healthier Homes

Economic Development

Revitalizing New Brunswick's Economy