Improving life outcomes for youth ages 0–21

Children & Youth
NBT’s goal is to improve life outcomes for youth, ages 0–21. We desire for them to be supported in safe and healthy environments so they can achieve the highest levels of education, employment, health and self-sufficiency as adults. With our city partners, we build strong models of youth programming, policies, and other supports, while identifying areas for future collaborative work.


Our Children & Youth programs are built on five overarching and interrelated goals. Each is supported by a number of objectives and strategies.

Key Goals

The primary goals our Children & Youth Task Force collaborates to achieve are:

  • Every Child is born healthy.
  • Every Child is ready for school.
  • Every Child stays in school.
  • Every Child is surrounded by healthy environments.
  • Every Child enters adulthood self-sufficient.

We view our youth across a broad spectrum of life interactions and experiences. We work to provide meaningful connections to safety, health, and stability in the places where they live, learn, and work.

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