Mental Health and Resiliency

At NBT, our mission of improving quality of life begins with providing safe spaces for our community to meet, mix, and form connections.

In these spaces, we facilitate social connections with community members, reduce social isolation, and tackle the social determinants of poor health by fostering safe and healthy environments for people of all ages, from kids to seniors.

I mean, who hasn’t felt a sense of loss or detachment from our families, friends, and regular routines, or experienced nervousness and anxiety about changes in our personal and professional lives? Especially during this last year, where COVID-19 produced so much fear and worry - - things that constantly distracted, confused, and agitated us, if we are honest. And for some, frequent and severe bouts of depression are a debilitating daily burden that interferes with family, career, and social responsibilities. All too often, such problems are brushed underneath a proverbial rug and can lead to destructive behaviors.

Needless-to-say, it’s an issue that keeps me up at night.So, we created a healthy lifestyle platform, LIVE WELL VIVIR BIEN NEW BRUNSWICK, that treats mental health as an essential part of our well-being. We’ve placed an emphasis on good mental health practices that teach and inform individuals on coping strategies and activities, self-help tools and techniques, and available resources and services in- and around-town.

We’ve also partnered with the New Brunswick Public Schools to develop a Student Health Ambassador & Resiliency Program (also known asSHARP). This student group worked hard over the summer months on a student-led, stigma-free campaign (called "Dazzle of a New Day”) to spread awareness about good mental health practices and resiliency during the new academic year.Mental disorders continue to be driven into the shadows by stigma, prejudice, and fear; some because of cultural beliefs, but some because of social support services that are not available or are out-of-reach for the afflicted and their families. LIVE WELL and SHARP’s work begins to buck the trend by treating mental health like physical health - - with regular “well visits” and connections to counseling professionals, when needed.

Ultimately, every conversation we have about the importance of recognizing and treating mental illness is like a ripple effect… it can be the very thing to reach people in your circle and far beyond it. So, we encourage you to join us in the conversation.

November 21, 2021

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