Live Well-Vivir Bien Promotes Vaccine Education

Monday marked the beginning of Live Well-Vivir Bien New Brunswick’s Vaccine Week, presented in partnership with Rutgers Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research, Healthier Middlesex, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, and New Brunswick Area NAACP, along with our partners in Healthier New Brunswick. Now through Friday, April 2, we will be covering different aspects of the COVID-19 vaccines to ensure our residents of New Brunswick and beyond have accurate information when it comes to vaccines.

While Middlesex County has administered over 344,500 COVID-19 vaccine doses, only 4% of doses administered have been to Black people and only 6% to Latinos (Source: NJ COVID-19 Information Hub). While New Brunswick Tomorrow is working with our partners to help secure access to the vaccine for city and county residents, Vaccine Week messaging also ensures that New Brunswick residents, particularly those in marginalized communities, are informed about the vaccine so they feel safe taking it.

In response to the creation and launch of Vaccine Week, Manuel Castañeda, Director of Community Health for New Brunswick Tomorrow, said, "There’s a lot of information and misinformation on the COVID-19 vaccines that can make it difficult for people to understand. Vaccine Week is one of the ways we are providing accurate information on the COVID-19 vaccines. Through presentations by experts and community leaders, we break down the information on the vaccines into more easily consumable parts, rather than one long presentation."

Check out the schedule for Vaccine Week:
Monday:What is a vaccine? What COVID-19 vaccines are available?
Tuesday:What was the approval process for the COVID-19 vaccines? Are they safe?
Wednesday: How is the vaccine being distributed? How does one sign up for an appointment?
Thursday: Addressing COVID-19 vaccine myths and scams, and providing personal experiences with the vaccines.
Friday: What should I do once I’m vaccinated?

English language webinars are premiering every night at 6:00 pm and Spanish language webinars follow immediately at 6:30 pm. These webinars are available after their initial broadcast by visiting the LiveWell Facebook page.

Join us tonight to learn about vaccine distribution and scheduling an appointment on Live Well-Vivir Bien New Brunswick’s Facebook.

For more COVID-19 resources follow Live Well on Facebook and Instagram or visit

March 31, 2021

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