Investing in New Brunswick’s Future: School Based Youth Services

Universally, the youth represent the future of our communities. However, many young people face barriers that prevent them from achieving their dreams.

In New Brunswick, NBT is focused on giving youth the support they need to get a great start in life, do well in school, and find gainful employment so that every child can reach their fullest potential.

At NBT, it is our belief that to be successful, children need to be supported and encouraged throughout their youth, from age 0 to 21. AND, the framework to do this is built around Education, where NBT aims to reduce high school dropout rates and encourage academic perseverance. Over our 40-year history, NBT has forged partnerships with the New Brunswick Public Schools, City Government, local corporations, youth serving agencies and caring volunteers and individuals to build a social and academic support system that helps youth graduate high school and achieve their personal, educational and professional goals.

" be successful, children need to be supported and encouraged throughout their youth, from age 0 to 21..."

When we think about education, often times we fail to recognize that the same students in a classroom are connected to parents and a home. In fact, this “home” has more to do with a child’s educational achievements than the curriculum being taught. A place to sleep, be nurtured, and feel safe is a basic necessity for everyone. However, in New Brunswick, these principles are not always the default. In response, NBT, in partnership with the NJ Department of Children and Families and PRAB, have a program in the schools to teach basic life skills, provide case management, and mental health counseling for our city’s youth. To date, we have seen hundreds of thousands of students go through the program over the last 30 years. Moreover, it has grown its services and offerings exponentially since its inception, including a Parent/Infant Care Center dedicated to providing childcare to newborns, infants and toddlers so that the student parents can finish their high school education.

The one true measure of success is when our youth become successful adults - - adults that are better off economically, with better health, and with an overall better quality of life. By investing in opportunities for all New Brunswick’s youth to realize a better future, NBT is helping to improve our communities from the ground up.

July 25, 2018

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