Giving New Brunswick Tenants a Voice

New Brunswick Tomorrow, through our Esperanza Neighborhood Project and the New Brunswick Healthy Housing Collaborative, where NBT serves as the lead organization, is supporting the formation of a New Brunswick tenants association to tackle housing issues in the city by giving a voice to the community.

The work of the association builds upon the ongoing success of the NB Healthy Housing Collaborative and the Esperanza Project in educating and providing guidance to New Brunswick tenants.
The tenants association acts as a forum for over 80% of city households that rent their homes. It will be a place to learn and exercise their rights as tenants, including, education to help tenants understand topics such as landlord and tenant responsibilities, healthy housing standards, and the impact of collective action. Additionally, this forum allows participants to advocate for policies that promote healthy, stable housing. The ultimate goal is to empower residents to drive system and policy changes in our local institutions, government, and other entities to ensure that everyone in our community has a safe, affordable place to call home.
The pandemic has brought the challenges facing New Brunswick’s renters into sharp view. As Charles Bergman, Director of the Esperanza Neighborhood Project, says, “The twin economic and health crises of the pandemic have shown how crucial it is that policies and systems protect vulnerable tenants. The tenants association is an opportunity for renters in New Brunswick to join together to support each other and make sure their voices are heard.”
Membership in the tenants association is open to all New Brunswick residents. If you are a resident of New Brunswick and would like to join the tenants association, e-mail Diana Diaz at

March 31, 2021

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