NBT Launches Community Response Fund

April 7, 2020

New Brunswick Tomorrow Launches the New Brunswick Community Response Fund 

New Brunswick, NJ (April 6, 2020) – New Brunswick is a city where most of our residents are low-to-moderate income. The recent pandemic illustrates just how vulnerable most of our families are, and how a sudden change in the availability of work can affect their ability to cover their most basic costs.

New Brunswick Tomorrow recently had its Community Health Ambassadors reach out to families across the city, in order to gauge the full scope of this impact.  Here’s what we found out: 

- 82% of households say their job and economic situation has been impacted
       - 46% say a lot, 36% say somewhat;
- 79% of households are worried about providing food for themselves and their families
       - 29% very much so, 50% somewhat;
Of those concerned about food, 44% do not know where to find food resources in the city;
- 79% of households have children in the New Brunswick Public Schools
      - 55% of them are picking up the free lunch meals provided by NBPS
- 83% of households their ability to pay rent will be affected
      - 35% definitely, 47% possibly.

In order to support the New Brunswick community and our non-profit partners during the COVID-19crisis, New Brunswick Tomorrow has launched the New Brunswick Community Response Fund.

NBT established the New Brunswick Community Response Fund to collect donations and distribute funds. All donations received will be used to fight the social and economic impact of COVID-19 on New Brunswick’s most vulnerable, supporting frontline, boots-on-the-ground organizations that provide essential services to our neighbors.

How long will this last? We don’t know, but we do know that by banding together we can make the days ahead a bit easier. Everyone in our city is being affected by this pandemic, particularly our seniors and low-income children and families. This community will face increased struggles because of reduced or lost income, food and housing insecurity, health needs, and childcare needs related to school closures.  Our small local businesses will be among the hardest hit.

To donate to the fund, visit www.nbtomorrow.org/donate and choose the New Brunswick Community Response Fund from the drop-down menu.

To donate by mail, download our donation form

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