The NEED for Technology to Further Education

I remember having typing classes in High School. The PC’s we used were nothing like the ones we have today and laptops were not even a trend.

I mean, a portable computer? Are you kidding? Fast forward to 2018 and laptops are absolutely necessary for children starting in elementary schools. Google classrooms exist for children all across the country. Ask any 7-year old to show you how to navigate any webpage and they will teach you a thing or two. My point is that we live in a different time. Technology evolves every day! Dial-ups have been long gone and God forbid we don’t have any Wi-Fi!

To achieve success in today’s modern world, you need the proper tools.

To achieve success in today’s modern world, you need the proper tools. A laptop computer is a necessary and expensive tool for any college student. Laptops may be affordable to some families, but in a low-moderate income community, this may not be the case. NBT realizes the burden this may have on our local families and for the past 8 years, we have gifted the New Brunswick High School AVID Program’s Senior class with a laptop for their freshman year of college. Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), is a program that helps students overcome obstacles and achieve success. We want to acknowledge our city’s youth and their great achievements, and we want students to focus on continuing their education. Sometimes, a small token of appreciation and a kind gesture is just what our students need to become the leaders we know they are capable of becoming.

September 13, 2018

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