Mission Moment: When doing good comes full circle!

I have known for many years that nonprofit professionals really do care about the impact they want to have in the communities they serve. Behind every non-profit organization, lies a valuable mission. Our mission at NBT, is to improve the quality of life for all residents of New Brunswick.

We work year-round to address issues around key areas in many spaces that affect our community. To be more specific, in the areas of youth, health and neighborhoods. I recently had a mission moment where I witnessed first-hand the direct impact we had on a particular New Brunswick resident. It made me emotional and I’d like to share. 

Not too long ago, a young high school (AVID program) student graduated and was headed towards university. There were many barriers making her college dreams nearly impossible. I was fairly new here at NBT, but I knew that we were here to help her in any way that we could. NBT stepped in and connected her to some of our partners while helping her get started at a local community college. Soon after she enrolled we received notice that she was moving onto a bigger university and we could not be any more excited for her. She pursued her dream of a higher education and graduated once again, only this time, with a four-year college degree! 

Throughout this whole time, she stayed in touch with NBT and grew closer to our mission. A mission that holds a special place in her heart because she knows it helped her personally. Because of what we were able to do for her, she was able to thrive. It is no wonder why she now wishes to help others in the community she was raised in. I just love when what we do has that kind of impact. The whole notion of paying it forward and when stories come full circle make it all worth it.  

Skip forward to 2019, and this young lady has now earned the newest spot on our team. We could not be any more excited for her and are happy to welcome her to the team! 

Stay tuned for her staff announcement, we are beyond thrilled to have her on board to help us move even more people forward! 

Photo by Emilio Machado on Unsplash

January 7, 2019

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