Friendly smiles. Festive decorations. Favorite jingles. One of the aspects of the holiday season I enjoy the most, is the gleeful spirit that surrounds our children this time of year.

Imbued with the happiness that only childhood can bring, the youth of New Brunswick fill my heart with joy just by being joyous themselves. For that, I am truly grateful.The freeness with which they express their excitement, sometimes over “small things”, serves as a reminder that it doesn’t take a lot to enrich the lives of others.

Here at New Brunswick Tomorrow, we recognize that we can engage the community in ways that are both far-reaching and narrow in scope.

"One of the few moments that can break a heart during the holiday season is driving down a city street on a frigid winter day, and seeing a child walking home without a coat."

To that end, we have been incredibly appreciative that local New Brunswick business Sound Healthcare Communications, and the Youth Services System (YSS), have walked hand in hand with us in launching a collaborative initiative at our Family Friendly Center to provide winter coats for 25 students in need. The generosity of the employees at Sound Healthcare Communications, who so willingly and so excitedly went into their own pockets to showcase their genuine concern, is truly a testament to how committed the community in New Brunswick is to its young people. We invite each of you this holiday season to join us in our efforts, to move people, particularly young people, forward and to experience the true gift of giving.

December 20, 2018

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